Monday, October 31, 2011

Andy Anaheim is Back!

Could it be that our favorite mascot may be enjoying a comeback at last?  Andy Anaheim seems to be popping up everywhere lately, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  

In what could be the first ever 3-dimensional version of Andy...

This hand-made plush figure was created by OC crafter Giddy Girlie.  Andy even has an orange in his hand! He's adorable!

Anaheim resident Allison Montanile (and the current AHS Secretary) carved some Halloween cheer for her front porch with this fantastic Andy-O-Lantern!
And this one certainly takes the cake...

Anaheim cake designer Norma Jauregui amazed the neighborhood when she showed up to a recent potluck with this edible delight.

His big letter 'A' was chocolate cake while his head and limbs were meticulously formed from rice krispy treats.  The whole thing was flawlessly covered in fondant, with black licorice for his hair.

As you might imagine,  he was gone in no time.

But, not one to disappear for long, Andy was featured in this weekend's annual Halloween Parade through downtown Anaheim...
Anaheim Halloween Parade, October 29, 2011
(Hey, he looks like the real deal to us!)

So, if YOU spot Andy Anaheim somewhere, be sure to share photos with us by uploading them to our facebook page.  We can't wait to see where he might suddenly pop up next!

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