Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Want To Be LIKED By You!

…on FACEBOOK, of course! 

The Anaheim Historical Society Facebook Page is a happening place right now, with over three hundred fans swapping stories, photographs, and memories of our world-famous hometown.  

Anaheim is like no other city on Earth, visited by an estimated 45 million people every year, and yet it has retained a “small town” vibe in many ways.  Always evolving, Anaheim has countless stories to tell-- from its early pioneer days as a German settlement producing wine and beer, to the arrival of Disneyland which transformed our landscape forever. 

Romantic, homespun, quirky, sometimes tumultuous, and frequently over-the-top, the story of Anaheim is classic Americana.  

Come “like” us today and add your voice to the story!

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