Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charles Phoenix in ANAHEIMLAND!

Anaheim is still recovering after being picked up by the ankles and vigorously shaken by our favorite pop-culture historian, Charles Phoenix.  As we were putting together our ANAHEIMLAND ("The Magic Kingdom Inside & Out") show, we began to suspect that everything Mr. Phoenix has done thus far in his career was just a build up to THIS show.

On September 8 and 9, over four-hundred lucky people filled the 70-year old Loara Elementary School auditorium to embark upon a Kodachrome tour of Anaheim as only Charles can lead it.  From Pearson Park's cactus garden planted in 1921 by Rudy Boysen (creator of the Boysenberry), to the funky "dinosaur eggs on a skewer" sculpture that once was part of the Robinson's Department Store fountain, to the grumpy waitresses and delicious gravy of La Palma Chicken Pie Shop... Charles took us there!

We saw hotels and motels that have survived the passing of time and trends, as well as local attractions that continue to surprise and delight us today, such as hotel genius Al Stovall's Wonderland of Topiary Trees, Visser's Florist ...and of course, Disneyland!

The Anaheim Historical Society would like to thank everyone who came to see our show, and hope you are inspired to explore more of Anaheim's quirky history -- and a special sincere THANK YOU to the wonderfully funny Charles Phoenix, whose passion and creativity helped make this one of our best events yet!

So... If you'd like to conduct your own self-guided tour of ANAHEIMLAND, here are a few not-to-be-missed highlights:

The Original Pancake House
1418 E. Lincoln Avenue

Vissers Florist (since 1956)
701 W. Lincoln Avenue

Stovall's Wonderland of Topiary Trees
at the Best Western Inn
1110 W. Katella Avenue

Candy Cane Inn
1747 S. Harbor Boulevard

The Alpine Inn
715 W. Katella Avenue

La Palma Chicken Pie Shop
928 N. Euclid Street
(Closed on Sundays!)

Charles Pearson Park
400 N. Harbor Blvd.

The Giant Moreton Bay Fig Tree
that inspired Disneyland's Swiss Family Treehouse
at Founder's Park
400 N. West Street

The Victorian Woelke-Stoffel House
at Founder's Park
400 N. West Street

The beautiful turn-of-the-century Anaheim homes that Charles featured in his show
Vintage Lane, Anaheim

Linbrook Bowling Alley
201 S. Brookhurst Street