Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disneyland Turns 58 Today

With the city's key in hand, Andy Anaheim toots a fanfare on his trumpet in this prophetic—and quite exuberant—issue of "Anaheim Progress" published in 1955 by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. Anticipation for the opening of Walt Disney's magical kingdom inspired a palpable wave of optimism throughout the city. A bright and prosperous future for Anaheim appeared to be just around the corner.

Giant Amusement Area Will Make Anaheim World Center

Now famed as the fastest growing of all American cities, Anaheim is also carefully planning its speedy advance, Ernest Moeller, Chamber of Commerce head, stressed this week.

The people of Anaheim just recently approved a giant bond issue that will assure new schools and playgrounds in the future to keep pace with the city's growth. Adequate schools, parks and playgrounds plus the influx of big shopping areas and industries are all part of the city's master plan for expansion, Moeller assured.

New industries will mean more jobs—and the Chamber's close control will also assure that Anaheim's ideal climate remains "smog free," the Chamber said.

When Walt Disney selected Anaheim, after careful research, as the perfect location for his fantastic new Funland—Disneyland—the film maker's magic wand almost automatically made the Orange County city the new vacation center of the world. Called the City of Good Living because of excellent schools, parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, and weather, now Anaheim will also be noted as a vacation and fun-land.

Anaheim welcomes Disneyland to its midst . . . and also welcomes the thousands of new home owners who are moving to the city each day.
Visit Anaheim . . . or move to Anaheim . . . enjoy life in the new recreation capitol of the universe!"