Monday, November 7, 2011


Looking good, with the tower caps finally back in place!
If you live or work in downtown Anaheim, you are probably keeping an eye on the amazing transformation happening now on Anaheim Blvd.  The 92-year old Spanish revival warehouse is one of the last remaining architectural treasures of Orange County's citrus era - and its being restored!

On November 3rd, the restoration crew marked a milestone of sorts, when they finally replaced the long-lost caps atop the two towers on the building's facade.  We got a rare opportunity to explore the construction site, and even went inside for a look at the newly painted ceiling.   It's an awe-inspiring space.

In the distance, the Anaheim Brewery occupies the old Packard dealership, with Los Angeles burger sensation Umami Burger scheduled to open next door in February.
When it opens next year, this cavernous sunlit space will hold over twenty restaurants.
Dining space will be communal- with seating inside and outside the packing house.
"Sunkist, I Presume!"
The original Sunkist orange emblem on the face of the building.
Vintage view of the building in its heyday, with the original tower caps.
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  1. Anonymous11/08/2011

    This is just too cool! Absolutely love the Spanish architecture. I better start saving up some cash to fund all the food I'll have to sample. ;-)

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